New job, new explanations…

When you start a new job, your inductions and introductions are usually pretty straight forward. You say your name and a bit about your background. If you have a long term health condition you would probably raise that and try and explain it. With a condition like asthma, it is always wise to let the … Continue reading New job, new explanations…


Working and Severe Asthma

This is a topic that I have tried to avoid for a fair old while as each workplace is different and there are so many complications and loopholes depending on where you work. I want to talk about some of the¬†issues¬†that Severe Asthmatics may face in the workplace and some of the rights you have. … Continue reading Working and Severe Asthma


I hate being ill. Being ill is something I very rarely had to cope with when I was younger and used to have brilliant attendance due to this. Since being diagnosed, I am always ill - especially in the winter months. Although some people may take liberties and love being signed off sick, I cannot … Continue reading Again?