Return of the breathless blogger…

It has been a very, very long time since I have updated this blog but it has been a bit of a hectic time recently. So, it is only right that I let you all into what has been happening. I will give you all not only an asthma update, but a life update but … Continue reading Return of the breathless blogger…


A nebuliser… at home… for me???

STOP THE PRESS!!! I got a nebuliser for home. This is a massive deal for me as many of you who have been reading this blog for a while will know. Essentially, I was refused one ever since I got my diagnosis as it was considered too dangerous as if I needed a neb, I … Continue reading A nebuliser… at home… for me???

Local Hospitals – A Severe Asthmatic’s Nightmare

I see a lot of Severe Asthmatics having issues with their local hospitals. Most of us have a specialist centre where respiratory teams are on the ball and understand the complications that the condition can present. Local hospitals often lack these specialists and the knowledge about the condition, in particular, emergency departments. I have previously … Continue reading Local Hospitals – A Severe Asthmatic’s Nightmare


Something that I continually notice is how ignored asthma is day to day. We all know about diabetes and epilepsy but they are invisible conditions that are talked about and well known. Other conditions like Finromalgia and Multiple Sclerosis are also getting known about. Adverts on TV, leaflets in GP surgeries and equipment in pharmacies … Continue reading Invisible.